Food Delivery Service

For your convenient, we can deliver healthy daily meals to your doorstep. A Minor Place Cafe provide Daily Food Delivery Services to Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas (other areas can be arranged).

Daily Menus

Daily premium meals delivered from Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excluded).

Meals include:
* 1 Meat of Fish dish.
* 1 Graden Vegetable
* 1 Tofu or Egg dish

(Our menus are changed and balanced daily.)


Dinner delivery services are available door-to-door within the following areas:

  • Mont Kiara
  • Sri Hartamas
  • other areas can be arranged

012-3337623 ( Paul )
012-3310329 ( Molly )

A Minor Place, Why Cook When We Can Deliver!


We are based in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. The food is professionally prepared by our experienced chefs with cleanliness, health, quality and authentic chinese cuisine kitchen taste in mind.


Our meals have
- No Added MSG
- Fresh meats or fish and vegetables
- Low Salt
- 100% non-recycled Vegetable oil

Healthy Meals to your Doorstep Everyday

A Minor Place Cafe Food Delivery Service. Door to door Delivery in the Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas.  We'll deliver tiffin meals directly to your condo daily. We ensure delivery to your doorstep daily between 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

Call us on 03 62117418 or 012-3337623 ( Paul ) or 012-3310329 ( Molly ) to arrange your meals to your door now!

We only deliver exclusively to Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas.


* 3 helathy dishes delivered to your doorstep daily.
* Menus changed daily

* Fresh, Wholesome meals
* Fresh meats or fish and vegetables daily
* Reduced oli & salt
* No MSG / Additives
* 100% Non-recycled Vegetable oil
* We don't mass produce

* From RM 270 per month for food at your doorstep

* You can start anytime.
* You can suspend the service any time by just giving a call in advance.
* You can cater for any number of days in a week, e.g. just for Tuesday & Thursday etc.

Daily Tiffin Delivery


Our large selection of menu items are varied daily to ensure that you get a to savour a variety of balanced dishes.

* Deep Fried Fish * Roasted Chicken
* Sweet & Sour Fish * Lemon Chicken
* Fried Chicken with Green Pepper * Bittergourd braised with Chicken
* Steam Chicken with Oyster Sauce * Roasted Pork
* Braised Chicken with Black Mushroom * Salted Eggs Steam Pork
* Chinese Herbal Chicken * Chicken Curry Kapitan
* Sweet & Sour Pork * Chicken in Herbal Soup
* Sesame Seed Chicken * Braised Chicken with Potato
* Fried Chicken with Yellow Ginger * Fried Chicken with Spring Onion and Ginger
* Braised Pork with soya sauce * Deep Fried tau Foo with Mince Chicken
* Braised Pork with Egg * Fried Pork Ribs with Salted Sauce
* Fried Kai Lan with Garlic * Loh Hon Chai
* Fried Cabbage * Kang Kong Belachan
* Curry Ladies Fingers * Kah Heong Tau Foo
* Steam Tau Foo * Fried Four Angle Beans with Shrimp
* Mah Poh Tau Foo * Deep Fried Tofu with Plum Sauce
* Curry Vegetarian * Brinjal Sambal
* Fried Eggs * Long Beans with Mince meat
* "Kong Poh" Chicken/Cuttle Fish * Fried mix eggs
* Curry Chicken                        * Foo Yong Eggs
 * Mui Choy Steam Pork * Broccoli with Mushroom
* Tong Choy Steam Pork * Choy Poh Eggs



Meals starting from RM 270 per month, this price include 3 healthy, non-MSG dishes delivered to your home daily from Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays.


Tiffin Rates:

  • 1 pax : RM 13.50 x 20 deliveries = RM 270
  • 2 pax : RM 25 x 20 deliveries     = RM 500
  • 3 pax : RM 37.50 x 20 deliveries = RM 750
  • 4 pax : RM 50 x 20 deliveries     = RM 1000

Delivery rates:

  • Delivery charge at RM 2.00 per delivery
  • FOC for self collection from A Minor Place Cafe, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

Price quoted are based on meals for 20 days in a month

- Rice can be delivered for an extra RM 1.50 per bowl serving.
- Meals are pre-paid for 1 month (20 deliveries) at the begining of each month.
- You can commit to any number of days in a week. e.g. just for Tuesday, or Just from Monday – Wednesday etc.
- Your delivery is flexible, you have to give give us a call 1 day in advane to cancel a meal.


To Order:

  1. Give us a call 012-3337623 / 012-3310329 / 03-62117418
  2. We will process your order and start delivering. If you're on our delivery route, we can start on the same day.
  3. Drop by to our restaurant to make payment, provide details, arrange for tiffin carriers (RM50 for 2 sets of 3 tiered tiffin carriers)